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Halloween Fun at Knotts Scary Farm with the Fuji X-Pro1


Had fun over the weekend getting scared by the folks over at Knotts Scary Farm!! SO I thought I would take along the Fujifilm X-Pro1 for the occasion and get some nice shots to share with you all!! As a technical note, the Fujifilm X-Pro1 handles itself awesomely in low light situations and allows the ability to get nice shots with a low profile easy to walk around camera!! It…

Springtime Portraits


Springtime is a great time to get the family together for portraits!! It was a great time with everyone gathered and having a fun time. Thought it was all down the shoot but everything turned out nicely. First off, I was running late on the set up, then I was rushing setting up and torn the seamless backdrop, and then all the strobes wouldnt fire! Oh boy… but in the…

Springtime flowers!


Picked up some flowers for the house over the weekend from my most favorite florist Everbloom Flowers in Mira Mesa. They really go above and beyond for my needs. I had a photo shoot this weekend and needed a bouquet for a shot I had in mind and they really hooked me up with the sweetest little bouquet with small miniature pink flowers. I also picked up another assortment for…

It finally arrived today!!

The "New Ipad"

I am SO EXCITED to upgrade from the generation 1 iPad to the “New iPad”!! It was delivered this afternoon and I actually had enough will power to take the time to photograph this beautiful box before demolishing it and ripping the new ipad out. Setup was a breeze as I just ran through the next, next and next… then backed up my old iPad and restored to the new…

Party like a rock star…

Rockstar Joey

Party like a rock star is just what we did this weekend!! Happy birthday to Joey and Maggie!! Their birthdays are a week or so apart so we have one big party and boy did they have fun!! Check em out all dressed up! It really is a challenge setting up all the lighting and getting them to wear the props but boy does the patience and effort pay off…

…buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks…


Well sorry to disappoint but I didn’t get any peanuts or crackerjacks yesterday! Yes folks, tis the season for some baseball!! Yesterday was opening day for most youth baseball leagues and I had the pleasure of shooting some opening day action!! Had a blast with the kids and watching baseball on such a great Southern California day, nothing beats it! (well except for some NFL action but surely I digress……

Love those SoCal Beaches!


I just love the beaches here in Southern California!! Its amazing to me that depending on my mood and time of day, month or even year I can shoot images of our lovely coastline and get all kinds of different results! I just love the clouds… if there are no clouds, well boring image… (most of the time). I am a believer that the sky makes the shot on beach landscapes….

Fine Art Prints available for purchase

PJ Fine Art Printing

Happy Monday (Wow 2 posts so far this week)!! Just wanted to take a quick moment to address many requests I have received in the last week. Several folks have been messaging me and emailing me on where to purchase my prints that I have been posting. I have a section on my site that you can purchase prints of my work under Creative Works. I have many photos uploaded…

Mono Lake, California


Hi All!! I have been quite busy since my last post…. wow, July 2011!! Been travelling quite a bit since then and have captured some great stuff! I spend so much time editing and getting my images ready for display and due to this, its until now I have some imagery to share. These were taken in Mono Lake, California. This was a most spectacular place to visit! I just…

Race to the fair 2011


Well, so sorry for the long pause between posts! But I think it was worth the wait. Here are my car pics from the SD Fair this year as the theme was “Race to the fair” and was a great treat once again to see all the booths and partake in the great snacks! Hope you like the pics!